Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Favourite - Kooleez

I recently found a company, Kidzikoo, that sold the cutest neoprene covers for your child's sippy cup.  The Kidzikoo keeps your child's drink cold and the cup free of condensation.  They come in a variety of prints and I liked them so much that I purchased one for each of the kids who came to Ps 1st birthday party last week.

Just today I see that they have a new product out and I have already pre-ordered mine! Kooleez are neoprene wraps for freezies and such.  Already this season, I have had to many times wrap my little guy's treat in a washcloth as it was too cold for him to hold.  This is the perfect solution.  Kooleez sell 2 for $5.50 and they will be arriving mid-July, but you can pre-order yours now (just like I did!)  They come in a variety of colours and combinations and you can check them out at

Kidzikoo also makes water bottle covers for adults, Koverz!  I may see one of those in my near future as well!  :)