Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Gabbing - Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I am going to take the next two weeks off of blogging and enjoy some family time!

Looking forward to sharing some new things with you in the new year and please share any of your faves with me by email at!

All the best in 2012!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just for Moms - Hem Gems

Saw these in my Good Housekeeping magazine this month and thought they were a cool idea.  Hem Gems make it easier for you to wear your favourite jeans with a variety of different shoes and heel heights.  You can temporarily adjust the length of your jeans to match the shoe height of your chosen pair of shoes.

All you do is roll up your jeans, fold them so the original cuff is showing and then poke the tack through the front and attach the backing and you are ready to go.  The tacks come in two styles classic rivet and star and in three colours: silver, gold and black.  They come 8 in a pack and cost $19.99.

Check them out at Hem Gems

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bathtime Favourite - The Flipper Toothbrush Holder

Saw this neat contraption and after reading about it (they make a pretty convincing argument) I am thinking about picking up two for the kids.

It is a toothbrush holder that you suction to a mirror or tile that automatically opens and closes to hold your toothbrush.  It keeps it off of the sink and covers it from germs and other things that are floating in the air in your bathroom.  They come in a variety of kid and adult styles.

From their website:

"Why Flipper?

Most people store toothbrushes either in their bathroom cabinet or on a counter top.
Every time you flush, droplets of contaminated water spray into the air landing on bathroom surfaces and items on the counter top, such as toothbrushes.
Experts say that you should not let your toothbrush make contact with other toothbrushes. This is a quick and easy way of passing along the common cold and other diseases.

1.Flipper provides a great, secure storage solution away from harmful germs.The cap's side vents allow in just enough air flow for bristles to stay clean and dry.

2.Flippers are large enough to accommodate almost every type of toothbrush on the market including those with fat handles.

3.Its amazing suction-strength can even handle electric toothbrushes while staying gripped to a mirror, tile or most other smooth surfaces.

4.Unlike other toothbrush holders that are attached with permanent adhesive strips, the Flipper can be moved anywhere at any time.

5.Easily converts into a travel case to keep brushes safe from other toiletries and keeps your toothbrush away from harmful germs and dirt while traveling."


You can find Flipper in many stores in Canada, I found it online at What A Jewel and The Pumpkin Patch.  They sell for about $7 plus shipping.

If you are a germaphob, then I think that this is definitely the thing for you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bedtime Favourites - Sunset Dimmer

My little H loves to read books. Every night we read 2 books to him in bed and then he turns on his little flashlight and reads one more book to himself. It is so cute! So when I saw this product today on Kid Steals I knew that we had to have it.

The Sunset Dimmer is a device that you plug your light into and then it into the wall outlet. Over the next 30 minutes it dims the light until it is completely out. This is ideal for your little readers who love to curl up themselves at night to read a book.

Here is a list of its features (taken right from the Kid Steals website):
•gradual dimming helps soothe to sleep with a natural release of melatonin in the brain, no matter when bedtime is
•the light stays bright enough to read by for 20 minutes - a great companion to school reading programs that request 20 minutes of reading per day
•dimming goes unnoticed as the eyes adjust to the subtle light changes
•perfect nightlight for kids that are afraid of the dark
•works great for feeding or rocking baby in the middle of the night
•for adults too—read in bed and be soothed to sleep
•select from two simple buttons to choose preferred mode ◦nightlight: slowly dims to a low-lit light and remains on all night ◦off: slowly dims until light is completely off
•works with all standard lamps (does not work with touch lamps)
•for use with 75W max incandescent or halogen bulbs
•ETL compliant in the United States, not yet certified in Canada

This would also save me from creeping in after H is asleep and trying to first of all find his flashlight in his bed and then turning it off - all without waking him!

Today it is on sale for $9.95 on, and sells regularly for $19.95. Check out their website, Sunset Dimmers, for more information!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favourite Tips - 25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier

I came across this link on Facebook that one of my friends had shared and after checking it out I instantly had to share it with my friends as well.

25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier is a blog post by The Daily Buzz that lists 25 tips, tricks and ideas to make the little things in life much simpler.

25 Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier

After you read through this you are going to want to run out and implement all of them right away. I know a girlfriend of mine had already done two the same night she read it.

Read the tips in the post and try to make your life just a bit easier so you can have more time relax and enjoy yourself and your families!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favourite Tips - Parking Lots

While having a few mommy friends over a few weeks ago I was reminded of a great tip for parking lots.

"Don't park in the mommy and baby parking spaces. It may seem like a good idea, but you are too far away for the carts and you need a cart to put the baby carrier in. Instead park near the cart storage - it will make your shopping easier!"

Thanks, Steph, for the reminder!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bedtime Favourites - Weeurban Sleep Sacks

During the winter I always worry about if my kids are warm enough while sleeping. In both of their rooms we keep a heater, but I also worry about being covered. H hates sleeping with blankets so we have to tiptoe into his room late at night and cover him up while he is sleeping, with P it is a bit easier as she wears a sleep sack.

I am constantly looking at different sleep sacks and right now I am using a Halo one for P at night and during the summer I used a lighter muslin one by Aden and Anais.

Weeurban makes these cute, modern and organic sleep sacks that look amazing! They come in bright fabrics with a modern picture just on the bottom corner.

Some other features are:

-Made from a blend of Organic cotton and Bamboo Viscose
-Unisex designs
-Lead and nickel free snaps
-Fitted neck and roomy sleeves
-Machine wash and tumble dry
-Duo-sliding zipper that opens at the bottom allowing for quick and easy diaper changes

Another plus is that they are a Canadian product.

Their sleep sacks come in 3 sizes: 0-6 mths, 6-18 mths and 18-36 mths and two different togs 1.0 and 1.5.

They sell online for $49.99, which I think is pretty reasonable, and shipping in Ontario is $7.95.

They also sell rompers, blankets and shopping cart covers.

Check them out at:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Hello Kitty Momiji

While searching for a cool Cars 2 ornament for my little guy last week I saw the coolest things at Hallmark!

I have a very big weakness for anything Hello Kitty, so when I saw these little wooden dolls out of the corner of my eye I was instantly drawn in!

The dolls are a collaboration between Momiji and Hello Kitty. Momiji are message dolls and inside each one there's a teeny folded card for your own secret message, dream or wish. There are 6 in the collection.

So neat, I want to get one each year for P and write her a special message/wish that I have for her at that moment!

I think they are a great price - less than $15 each - and a great memento and keepsake.

Who knows, I may be running out and getting all of them to keep and gift each year! What about you?

Here is a link where you can see all six of the designs:

Hello Kitty/Momiji Dolls

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Knot Genie

I have heard really good things about this brush and thought I would post it as a Little Girl Favourite for those of you with little ones with long, tangly hair.

The Knot Genie is a brush that is shaped like a cloud so it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It also has unique bristles that bend when working on a tangle so there is supposedly less stress on your hair and the bristles are placed diferently than a normal brush. It is great for all types of hair: curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin.

They come in a variety of colours: pink, blue, purple, camouflage and silver and they sell for $19.99.

Check them out at

Right now they have a special going for the holidays, but 2 get 1 free! You just need to enter to code PEACE when checking out!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Gabbing - Vizardz Night Light Coupon Code (Friday Only!)

Babyhalfoff has the Vizardz Night Lights on half off today only! You will pay just $19.50, for a regular $38.50 personalized night light!

The deal is only on for today - until they run out!

A coupon code will then be emailed to you to use on their site to create your own night light!

They guarantee that orders placed before December 16th will arrive before Christmas!