Monday, May 31, 2010

Safety Favourites - Sunscreen

The poll question this week has really got some of you mommies out there talking... Thanks to Jana who sent me this link,, where you can see how the sunscreen that you are currently using is ranked? I was SHOCKED to see that the Aveeno Baby Sunscreen I was using was rated a 7 (avoid) as it contains a synthetic estrogen that can be absorbed into the skin and that it's SPF rating of over 50 is misleading - that anything over 50 isn't accurate. Thanks to all of you who are voting on your favs, the suggestions and what not.

Check out this site to see how your sunscreen rates - I know that I will be changing brands immediately!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Safety First Angelcare Monitor

On the advice of many friends I registered for the Safety First Angelcare Monitor. I thought I was going to be one of those panicky moms who worried about everything (well I kinda am) so I went for this monitor as it had the breathing mat. When H was born and we brought him home he spent the first week sleeping in his playpen in our room. At the end of the week, I was ready to move him into his own crib, but when it came to setting up the monitor we decided against the breathing mat. A close friend (one who suggested that we purchase this monitor) convinced me that it was more of a worry to use the mat as her son always rolled off of it and set off the alarm. Even though we didn't use the breathing mat I still love this monitor. The thing I like most about it is the thermometer. I still find myself checking that the temp in his room is ok and it was especially handy when we went to my parents camp in the middle of summer where there wasn't any air conditioning. I also like the nightlight feature on it. I would say that if you are a worry wart (like me) you would benefit from buying this monitor, but if you are a pretty laid back mom - then you might want to opt for something a bit cheaper.

Feeding Favourites - Mally Bibs

Steph shares another favourite:

"Mally bibs-they are leather so they are easy to clean plus they have magnets on them to do them up which means you can hang them on your fridge or dishwasher (so they are on hand when you're ready to feed baby!!!) Apparently, you can get them personalized too!"

Oh my gosh, what a neat idea! I checked out their site as soon as I received this email from Steph and fell instantly in love with the bibs. They are a bit pricy $34.95, but if they last as long as everyone says they do, then I'd be into it. I also think that they are a neat gift. One other thing that I liked about them were that they had a pocket like the Kushies bibs that I use for H.

While perusing through their website I also saw that they sell change purses and art cards....

Check out all of their products at

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Favourite Toys - Discover Rig by Sprig Toys

Today we had a few friends over and I was reminded of another favourite - this toy car that my parents bought for H. The two 3 year old boys who were here today just loved running around the yard and pushing it.

There are a lot of neat things about this toy:

#1: It is made of out Sprigwood - a durable, child-safe, bio-composite material made from bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.
#2: It is paint free as no decorative paint is needed on the assembly line because they dye Sprigwood during the production process.
#3: It is designed in Colorado, but made in Canada.
#4: It is kid-powered, so no batteries are needed. When a child rolls the Discover Rig forward, it triggers the generator that fuels the lights and sounds.
#5: It has a two level push bar which grows with your child.
#6: It has three play modes, Search (lights only), Rally (lights and motor sounds) and Adventure (lights, motor, dialog, sound effects and songs)
#7: Other characters can be bought for this truck that tell a different story than the one that it came with.

H loves to crawl while pushing it around and he watches the light come on and listens to the music. I can see that once he starts really moving, this will be a fav of his for sure! Daddy also really likes it too! ;)

In a time where it seems that ALL of their toys take batteries, this is a neat alternative that will really get your child moving.

The Discover Rig can be purchased online at for $39.99 or from Homesense for $29.99.

Check out this toy and the many others that Sprig makes!

Other Favourites - Baby Banz Sunglasses

Steph shares that one of her favs for little G are Baby Banz sunglasses.

Last summer, I borrowed a pair for H but he didn't seem to care for the tight band around his head. This year, I have been keeping my eyes open for a pair for him to try again.

Baby Banz sunglasses come in many colours and are made for children 0 -2. They also come in another size, Kid Banz, which are made to fit children 2 -5. Both baby and kid banz sell for $19.99 Cdn.

Ever since I have seen the option on one of my baby deal websites, I have been on the hunt for a combo of sun hat and sunglasses, but can only seem to find that combo available on their American site, and when I went to purchase them - shipping to Canada was not an option. Boo!

Another thing I learned while visiting their websites are that Banz is now making goggles, hats, swimwear, shoes and more!

Check out their sites:
Canadian -
American -

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bathtime Favourites - Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub

Sarah shares:

"I absolutely loved my Munchkin bath tub.§ion=prodCategories&ID=10000&li=1

I used it for both kids, and they both loved it. It has a skid resistant bottom, soft sides and it's super cheap - like $15 at Walmart. :) "

What a cute tub, Sarah, and it looks like sooo much fun! (and safe too!) A definite alternative to the bath ring I posted a few days ago.

When I checked out the site, I also saw that this tub has won an award, the iParenting Winner Award.


Granny's Favourites - Nuby Nibbler

While at work the other day, I was talking about my blog, when S, a co-worker of mine and a new grandma, told me about this new utensil her daughter was using with her grandson. It looked like a net, and it was for putting chunks of food in, like fruit and what not, and the net stopped the baby from eating any large chunks. I had purchased one of these for H, but he wasn't really into it, but I know a girlfriend of mine used hers all of the time with her little guy and he loved it! After a bit of searching on the net, I found one version of this, called The Nibbler, by Nuby. I am not sure if this is the exact version that we were talking about - but it is the same concept. This lessens the worry of moms, but allows baby to start enjoying foods he/she wouldn't otherwise be able to eat. If your little one is dying to try what you are eating, but you are nervous about giving it to them yet, perhaps you should The Nibbler for yourself!

Favourite Books - I See Me Books

For my niece one year I purchased her this personalized book, from I See Me , which told the story of her as a fairy princess. It was neat as there was a different fairy who brought each letter of her name (first and last) and described a different trait about her. The story also told the city that she was born in and her birth date. I got the idea from a friend who had received a similar one for her son when he was born (it was an animal themed one). This is a neat keepsake, but is more for older children to read, as the pages are quite thin and can easily rip. I See Me is an American company, but I went with it as I was happy with the quality of my friend's book. I am sure that there are similar Canadian companies that create the same things, I just didn't look for them. If you are looking for a unique idea for a child, I would highly recommend this as something they could keep as a memento.

I was just at their website,, and they offer a variety of other personalized gifts, like plates, puzzles, canvas paintings and more, check it out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bathtime Favourites - Jolly Jumper Bath Ring

When H became too big for his bath I picked up this great contraption on the recommendation of one of my girlfriends. It is a ring that suction cups to the bottom of your tub. This way you have both of your hands free to wash baby and not stress about them falling over and hurting themselves. I found this seat at a small store up north in Orillia, but have seen them also online. I picked mine up for just $19.99 and it is the best bath tool that I can think of, even better than the babywrapper! If your little one is at the in-between stage of too big for the baby tub, but too small for the big tub - this is exactly what you need!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeding Favourite - Kipiis Bib Clip

I was at a shower last month and the mother-to-be received this really neat gift. Now to look at it, you would have no idea what it was, but after it was explained to me I understood it better and how it worked. The kipiis bib clip is unique as it can make any restaurant napkin, tea towel or piece of cloth into a bib. It is small, fits conveniently into your purse or diaper bag, adjustable and top rack dishwasher safe.

I have yet to pick one of these up, but think they are a neat mommy tool to carry around just in case. So far, I found them at Toys R Us and they retail for $14.99.

Favourite Books - I Love You Through and Through

One of my favourite books is "I Love You Through and Through", by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak and Caroline Jayne Church. It lists the things that a parent loves about their little boy (good and bad). I love the simple ideas and the pictures. I also love the message it gives that a parent's love is unconditional. My favourite part of the book is the end, "I loved you yesterday, today and tomorrow too!" The little blond boy reminds me a lot of my little H. There is also a similar book, with a little girl as the main character, and it is called, "How Do I Love You?" Super cute too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeding Favourites - Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons

When H started eating baby food, like with most things, I tried out a variety of different spoons to see which ones he liked the best - our verdict the Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons. What I liked about these ones were, number 1, that they were BPA free. I also liked the size of the actual tip of the spoon and how it felt in my hand. I tried a few metal stem spoons and just didn't like how heavy and hard they felt. The tip of the spoon was also softer so it wasn't so rough going into his mouth. Lastly, of course, I liked the colours they came in. I purchased a pack of 6 from Walmart for about $5 - fairly easy on the wallet also!

Just for Moms - The Mommy Hook

Monica and I agree on this next favourite - The Mommy Hook.

Monica says, "This hook is perfect for when you are out shopping with the kids and there is no room in the stroller to put your bags. You just clip it to the handle of the stroller. Very convenient and works well to hold a diaper bag also."

I couldn't go shopping without this clip on my stroller, it just made carrying your bags so much easier. It fell off once in my trunk and I was lost in the mall without it!

This is a definite MUST HAVE!

Favourite Toys

Christine shares some of T’s current favourite toys:

1. Ikea train set - waaaay cheaper than the "Thomas" set.

2. Little People Plane - makes a few noises, it was bought for T as a gift before he went on a plane - great idea!

3. Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles - some of these have the big peg handles so they are easy to hang onto; some make sounds (animals, transportation, etc.)

Thanks Chris! H has a few M & D puzzles and loves to take out the pieces, but has not mastered putting them back in the right spot yet ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Other Favourites - Kula Klips Belts/ Dapper Snappers

Some friends were over today and we were discussing how often our children's' pants are too big around the waist - and it reminded me of these belts that I had purchased H from the online store He is a bit too small for them still but the two that we have are cute prints: brown with blue monsters and black and white skull and crossbones. When I pulled them out of his closet for a friend to borrow - both of my girlfriends said how cute they were and where did I buy them from? Right now their belts are on sale for $10.00 (reg $15.00)

Discussing the belts also made me think of this other cool product I saw online called the Dapper Snapper and it replaces a belt but hooks around the back loops and tightens the pants from there. These are good for young ones as they often cannot undo their belts so this is much easier for them as it is all done from the back. Their website is Dapper Snappers can be purchased in multi packs of 3 for $26.85 and singly for $9.95. I have not tried these yet, so they cannot be one of my favourites, but they look like a great idea!

If you find that your child is experiencing the same thing check out these two websites!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bathtime Favourites - Eucerin Cream

Another favourite of Monica's:

This cream works really well if you have a baby or child with sensitive skin but especially if you are dealing with eczema. Shortly after one of my daughters was born, she developed really bad eczema (due to a milk allergy which we later found out). I kept going back to the doctors because the cream that they gave me (hydrocortisone) was not working. We started with a 0.5% cortisone cream and before we knew it we were up to a 2% one with some mixture of another cream and it wasn’t working. We saw a pediatric resident doctor, that happened to be working with my family doctor at the time and he recommended using Eucerin cream 3 times a day until the eczema became controlled and then to use it daily after a bath. It is very thick and kind of lard-like but it gives the skin a protective coating and keeps it hydrated. Today, you would never know that my little girl ever had any skin problems. Her skin is super soft and perfect. By the way, it is also good for dry cracked hands.

New Baby Favourites - Huggers

Another favourite of Kristy’s are Huggers. They are support cushions that go around a newborn to support their head and body. They are great for carseats, strollers, swings, babyseats, etc. They are made in Canada and come in three sizes: regular, skinny and long and also in a multitude of colours. A set of 2 costs $29.99 and can be purchased online at I also found them on a few other websites as well, you just need to google Baby Huggers.

Thanks Kristy, I wish I knew about these when H was a newborn as I always rolled up tons of blankets and propped them around him to keep him upright in his chair and swing.

Feeding Favourite - Snack Cup

Many moms have suggested that one of their favourites is the snack cup. It is a cup with a special lid that makes spilling snacks a bit more difficult ;) I find them very handy for in the car or in the stroller. I always give H one when we are out shopping - it keeps him happy and therefore I can shop longer! There are many varieties out there but the most common ones I have seen are the Snack Trap and Munchkin Snack Catcher. These can be purchased from many stores and cost less than $10.

**There is also a tether out there to attach the cup to your stroller so it cannot get thrown and lost.

Other Favourites - Moby Wrap

Monica shares another fav of hers, the Moby Wrap:

This product is amazing especially if you have 2 kids. I had a sling with my first baby but it just wasn’t cutting it when the second one came along. I needed to be able to use both my arms. It was a little overwhelming at first because it is basically a big piece of material but once you get the hang of how to wrap it (which only took s few times) it was a god send. My little girl absolutely loved it. She would fall asleep in it or just hang out in it. I believe there are 9 different holds you can do with it. I used to go to the park and be able to pick up my oldest put her on the slide, swing etc with no problems. Another nice thing about it is that most men can also wear it because it is not based on body size. It is basically one size fits all. My husband is 6 feet tall and 200 pounds and he was able to wear it too. I ordered mine from

Thanks, Monica, I have seen these in some of the baby stores here, and always wondered about them!

Bathtime Favourites - Walmart's Parents Choice Diapers

Kit shares:

Another fave of mine are Walmart's Parents Choice Diapers. They are cheap and amazing! These diapers can hold in the most amazing amount of "runny" AKA diarrhea poop you can imagine. One morning K woke up and you just knew there was poop. I checked and we instantly went to the bathroom to the tub. There was literally a pool of poop in the diaper but I swear that there was none in the bed, on his pj's or anywhere but his bum!! I tell everyone this story and tell them to try the diapers. The only time we have had "diaper rash" is when he has been eating lots of grapes, and has lots of loose poops his bum gets red, but I have used only one tube of bum cream and he is 2!!

Too funny, thanks Kit, I am currently in the market for a new diaper so I will definitely give these a try!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Other Favourites - Online Shopping Websites

A facebook friend of mine introduced me to these websites where they have a daily deal that is usually on for half price. Different companies place their products on these sites either to advertise or to get rid of extra items. The items are usually baby/kid related, but occasionally there are things on there for moms.
The first three sites offer daily deals that are posted in the morning and are on a first come first get basis. Usually they are sold out in the first hour or so.... one night a site was so busy that it took me over an hour to complete my order. (It was for squeaky shoes and they were so worth it!) The last site offers a new deal as soon as the old one sells out, sometimes there are like 5 deals a day! New deals are even posted on the weekends!
I have become addicted to these websites and even have to check them (when I can) from work. So far, I have purchased H some toys, a belt and some really cute shoes. They also list the company's website, so I find I check out what else they offer (at regular price) and end up purchasing stuff that way too!
Some items return again and again and I am anxiously awaiting the return of the Baby Banz hat and sunglasses combo - for awhile they were offered every week, but they sell out so quickly that I can never get to them.
Check them out and happy shopping! - new deals posted at 10am - new deals posted at 11am - new deals posted at 11am - new deals posted at any time

Bathtime Favourites - Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

Christine shares that one of her favs is Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream:

"It soothes and relieves dry skin - even eczema - I use it now too since it is about $2 cheaper than the same size in the adult cream."

A lot of my mom friends recommend the Aveeno products. Just lately, when H's bottom was so bad, a friend suggested I use the Aveeno Baby Soothing Bath Treatment. H also has very sensitive skin and seemed to be reacting to the sunscreen I was using, so another mom suggested I try their baby sunscreen.

Thank Chris, I will have to pick up a bottle the next time I am at the drugstore.

Un-Favourites - Pampers Dry Max

OK, so most of you have heard about our incident with the new Pampers Dry Max but for those of you who didn't - here is the short version. About three weeks ago I opened a new box of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. Within a couple of days H's bottom was getting quite red - my daycare provider and I both chalked it up to a diaper rash, but as the week progressed it was getting redder and redder and nothing seemed to be helping it. On numerous occasions we both said it looked more like a burn than a rash (no red raised bumps) and it was now running from his back all the way to above his genitals - right where the diaper sat. By the weekend it was worse, so I was googling home remedies for diaper rash when I came across tons of articles and comments from parents that their babies were experiencing the same thing and they were also wearing the new Pampers. Immediately I ran out and purchased some new Huggies diapers and also contacted, via email, both Proctor and Gamble and Health Canada. (We also took pictures to document his reaction to the diapers.) After day 2 in Huggies, his bottom was looking much better, but it was now starting to peel. A few days later the new and very delicate skin started to bleed. Last week, it was still not any better, so I took H to the doctor who confirmed that it was a burn he was experiencing and they suggested to coat the area in tons of Vaseline. Now less than a week later - it is healed (minus a few scars that will take a bit longer). In the midst of this, I eventually heard back from Pampers and they denied that their diapers were the cause and suggested many reasons for a diaper rash (duh!) and they also told me that they would be sending me some coupons for my troubles in the mail. I contacted them back stating that I have never known a diaper rash to peel before and that I would be waiting for a lawyer to take on the case (I also told them what to do with their coupons). Still waiting to hear back from them again. All in all, we are so angry that the company is still denying the issue and that many babies out there will continue to be chemically burned by these diapers. A law firm in Toronto is now taking on the case and I am considering contacting them. Please pass on this information to all parents that you know. So far, only Pampers Cruisers contain the new Dry Max technology - so those using their other brands should be OK.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeding Favourite - Nursing Cover

Kristy shares:

This is for nursing mothers. I know there are a lot of different versions of this nursing cover, but it's a nursing cover that has a slight curve at the top, so you can keep your eye on your little one hands free. I love it! The girl that runs the online company lives in a small town about 20 min away from Winnipeg, called Anola and like you mentioned before, it is always nice to support the smaller businesses. The company is called Bambino and Sprout and the website is
These nursing covers go for $32.00 plus tax, but right now on her website they are $25 + tax.

Thanks Kristy I know that I a lot of new moms will be interested in these!

Feeding Favourite - Drinking Cup Tether

Kelly shares:

"I love the Tether strap for T's water bottle and the Tether strap for her snack cup! Never have to worry about her throwing it out of her car seat while I'm driving."

I've been doing some research on these and there are many tether straps out there on the market, but the one Kelly is talking about can be bought from Toys R Us for just $7.99. (Actually Toys R Us is having a sale from May 28th - June 3rd on all of their feeding accessories so it will be on sale for 20% off) What is nice about this one is that it is made out of elastic so it can fit many different drinking containers like bottles, sippy cups and other containers.

Thanks, Kel! I don't have one of these yet, but will be running out, when the sale is on, to get one of my own.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other Favourites - Baby Trend Phantom Sit N Stand Duo Stroller

Monica shares:

This is a Baby Trend Phantom Sit N Stand Duo Stroller. It’s great if you have 2 kids close together. The baby’s car seat clicks into the front side for when they are infants and then they can just sit in the front once they hit about 6 months or so. The toddler can choose to sit or stand behind. When I had my second child, my first was 19 months and she didn’t always love sitting in the stroller but she liked that she had a choice. It was great. She is now almost 3 and my second is 16 months and I still use it. When my oldest gets tired, she just hops in and away we go. If she gets really tired she sits. I highly recommend it!

Thanks, Monica, what a neat idea for two kids! Check out Babytrends products at

Feeding Favourite - Avent Formula Storage Dispenser

My girlfriend Kelly introduced me to this great mom tool - the Avent Formula Storage Dispenser. It has three separate compartments (where you can store enough formula to make 3 - 9 oz bottles) and an easy pour spout. It is perfect for when you are travelling and don't want to make the bottles ahead of time, you just dump the powder formula into your premeasured water and voila instant bottle. I used this storage device all of the time (trips to the mall, family visits, the long journey to Thunder Bay) and now use it as a snack cup as the separated compartments come out and it is just one big cup. This is one great mom find!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Other Favourites - Lovable Labels

Kit shares that one of her favs are Lovable Labels. She says, "..they work great and the iron on ones really stay on, I have hand me downs that are now on their second toddler boy and they still stay on."

When I googled them I found that they are a Canadian company (another perk) that offers a variety of ways to label any item you can think of. Their clothing labels are available in stick on or iron on. What a great idea!

Their website says:

Easy to Apply. Great for coats, snowpants, jackets, cardigans, uniforms, hats, gloves, blankets, etc. Comes with detailed instructions. Iron-on labels are available in pretty and cool colour combos! $19.95 for a pack of 72.

Has anyone else used or heard of these?
Check out their website at

(P.S. When I asked Kit what her little K's favourites were she said his yellow rubber boots, diego hat and food - too cute!)

Other Favourites - Soother Strings

Another favourite of mine are those strings that attach the soother to your child's clothing - what an amazing invention. Now, I couldn't just use any old string, I had to find ones in cool colours and funky patterns. Right now I am obsessed with skulls and crossbones so here are my two favs that we use all of the time.
1. Bink Link - this is a cool wood clip. It has neat colours and is also a great chew toy for those teething babies. I have the blue surfs up one and the black and white skull and crossbones.
2. KulaKlips - this is an online company that I found while surfing the net. I like to support smaller home run companies when I can. They make other things than just soother strings, but I wanted a softer option for crawling. They were very reasonable and she had some neat materials and such. I bought the blue guitar one and of course the black skull and crossbones. (It is now an addiction)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Toddler Favourites - Kids MP3 Player

Today when we got home from daycare, H reminded me of another one of his favourites - his MP3 Player. He loves this thing! It is easy to work (he has already figured it out) as it only has a red stop button, a green play button and two yellow arrows for forwards and backwards. You can download any of your kids favourite mp3s on it and they can take it anywhere with them. It is made out of durable plastic and looks pretty indestructible to me! It is made by Blue Hat and is extremely cheap (I paid $20 for mine from one of those companies who sells stuff in the staffroom).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just for Moms - Nescafe Dolce Gusto

OK, what mom doesn't need a good jolt of coffee in the morning, afternoon or even early evening? If that sounds like you, than do I have a coffee machine for you - The Dolce Gusto by Nescafe. This little machine can make cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, mochas, ice caps and even hot chocolates. With just a quick push of a button you will have heaven in a cup. I would highly recommend this to any mom who just needs "a cup" to get them to the next nap! :)

Favourite Toys - Toy Car

All my friends would agree that I am a toy addict... we have a playroom for H that is FULL of toys. If we were to ever have a new baby there would be no need to get anything new for them :) Right now H's favourite indoor toy is this little car that my parents bought him. It has a man that rides inside and the car lights up, makes noises and moves. He loves to push the buttons over and over and we listen to the same sounds repeatedly. He laughs so hard when it drives away from him and he loves to chase after it. The toy was relatively cheap from Winners and is made by Tolo. It is called Tolo First Friends Toy Car - Primary Colours.

Feeding Favourites - The Sippy Cup Adventure

When H was about 10 months old, I started to try him on a sippy cup for water. He didn't seem to like any of the ones I tried, so for about a week we went through the trial and errors of sippy cups. With a straw, without, stainless steel, plastic, cheap and expensive - and finally we found the winner... Playtex - Spill Proof Sippy Cups. Out of all the ones we have tried - we always went back to this one. It is easy for him to pick up, it doesn't flow out too quickly, and like the package says it is spill proof (I would say 90% spill proof). It comes in a variety of colours and just recently has been revamped with a spill proof twist that states that if you have it turned in between the two lines it will not spill.

Favourite Books - Chirpy Chick

I love books and thankfully, H does too! I can't go anywhere without picking him up a new book. One of his favs (and mine) is called Chirpy Chick. It is a board book that has some touch and feel pages, googly eyes and the best part is that the last page makes a sound when you turn to it. In this particular book the last page is a tractor and it lights up and makes a tractor sound. H loves this page and turns to it over and over and over. There are many other titles in the Funny Faces series (we have Santa Claus, Halloween Jack, and Dizzy Dragon) and they are published by Priddy Books. If you are looking for a fun book - check these ones out!

Bathtime Favourites - The Babywrapper

Rub-dub-a-dub! What's your favourite for the tub?

My number one favourite for the bath is the Babywrapper! My girlfriend suggested it to me and at first I was doubtful, but now I could not imagine bathtime without it. What it is is a terry cloth towel that has strings on one end like an apron. You tie it around your neck so when you take your little monkey out of the tub the towel is hanging down perfectly and ready to wrap him or her in. It is so simple and makes wrapping them up effortless. This also makes a great shower gift as it is something different that most moms would not have. Check them out at

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My New Baby Favourites

As a new mom, I felt totally overwhelmed when it came to purchasing all of the "necessities". I registered for things that I thought would be useful and as it turned out - after getting them, many were either awful or I never even took them out of their package. Below is a list of my favourites - that I feel were totally worth it!

Favourite number 1. You are going to need a few places to put that baby when you just need a moment to use your arms for something other than holding. I suggest a vibrating chair - mine was the Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler. I loved it and the nice thing was that H could go in it right away. He was a bit small but we just strapped him in and supported his head with some rolled up blankets.

Favourite number 2 is another hands free device - a swing. H didn't like his until he was about 3 months old, but I highly recommend a Fisher Price one (mine was rainforest) for two main reasons. Number one it plugs in so it saves you on batteries and number two the mobile folds up so this makes it easier to get your little one in and out. The swing was nice for things like vaccuuming and meal times. It comes with a mobile with lights, plays music and the swing can either go front to back or side to side. So many options!

My third favourite thing is the diaper genie. We have the Diaper Genie Elite II and have NO complaints. It holds all of my diapers for a week and there really is no smell - definitely worth the money, the time and the smell (or lack thereof).

I am sure that there are more, but these are my top 3!

What are your new mom favourites?