Monday, November 15, 2010

Pregnancy Favourites - Babytones

Just the other day I remembered one of the things that I just couldn't have lived without while I was pregnant - my fetal doppler that I rented from

Now, you may be asking yourself, what? So I will explain.

I was very nervous and anxious during my pregnancy and was constantly worried that there was something wrong with the baby, so I found this company online that rented out fetal dopplers. This way, I could listen to the baby's heartbeat whenever I wanted, instead of either a) stressing myself out or b) having my husband take me to emerg every time I thought there was something wrong.

Babytones is a Canadian company that is based out of Toronto. They rent their dopplers by the month and their usual rate is $49.95/mth, but the longer you rent it for the better the savings. It is shipped to you within 2-3 days and comes in its own carrying case with a tube of ultrasound gel as well. Shipping is a flat rate of $19 across Canada, $12 across Ontario.

I kept my doppler for quite a few months up until I could feel the baby move quite often. It was peace of mind for me!

Even a few other moms that I know have rented one themselves after hearing about it from me.

If you are an expecting mom, and a nervous one like I was, I would highly recommend getting one yourself!

Check them out at

Right now they have a special where their monthly rate has been dropped to $37.50!

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