Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bedtime Favourites - Sleep Trainers

OK, so a long time ago I posted about this monkey sleep trainer that I had purchased. It is really cute and H seemed into it, putting the monkey to sleep every night and what not - but it just isn't working... we are up every day earlier than we would like - before the monkey opens his eyes!

I recently stumbled upon another sleep trainer called the Gro-Clock. This one actually looks better to me. Basically your child knows to stay in bed until they see the sun. At night there is a picture of stars and it counts down to when it is time to get up. There is also an option to display the digital time.

I like this one as it seems easier for the child to "see" what time it is, the countdown of the stars lets them know how soon it will be to wake up time and I like how the digital time is visible as well. On the monkey sleep trainer I have the digital time is so small and is not lit up, so H really has no idea what time it is or if it is close to morning.

The Gro-Clock can be purchased from many online stores for about $50!

If I was made of money I would go out and purchase this one today, but since I already have the monkey sleep trainer I think I am just going to purchase a regular digital alarm clock and teach H that he cannot get out of bed until he sees a 7. I have heard from a few moms that this works wonders too!

Let's give it a shot!

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