Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Gabbing - Fall TV Premieres

OK, we are already in the midst of my favourite part of the year - Fall TV Premieres!!! 

In August, I start looking at all of the tv sites - planning out my tv schedule for September (yes I know I need a life!).  This year I found a great site that lists ALL of the popular stations and orders their shows by time they are appearing on TV.  This made my planning so much easier....  this week alone I have 10 shows starting!  Some returning, some new. 

Here is the link:

Last week, I tried out 3 new shows, two of which I think I will pass on.   Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar (boring), Up All Night with Christina Applegate (not very funny) and Secret Circle - I LOVED IT!!! 

This week my new shows are Revenge, Charlie's Angels, Unforgettable and X-Factor.  I am hoping that some, not all of these, are keepers!

What are your favourite returning or new shows?  Share them!

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