Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wholesome Baby Food

One of my favourite websites when H was just starting to eat solids was
I used this website a lot - not only to see what foods I should start out with, but how to prepare the foods also. Most of the time, I made H's baby food and he really enjoyed it. He HATED any of the jar food that contained meat so in some cases this was my only option. Many people believe that making your own food is too much work, I thought that in the beginning myself, but actually all you need is a steamer, a blender, some ice cube trays and some Ziploc bags. I am NOT one of those moms who believes that your baby should ONLY be eating homemade food - H ate jarred food when we were out visiting or shopping - but I did find many benefits to making my own.

Check out this website, look at the suggestions on how to prepare each food, recipes, age charts and what not - and make a decision that works best for you!

Other helpful food websites that I used in the first year are:

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