Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Favourite Updates - Bebe Bella, Buggy Bubble and Sleeptrainer

OK, I have received 3 products in the past little bit that I had previously posted about on my blog under Looks Good, here is what I think of them so far.

1. Bebe Bella - My minky pillowcase arrived this week and H was so excited as he thought it was another blankie. It washed well and it is on his bed, but I was a bit disappointed tonight when he chose to sleep on his Cars pillow instead. It is only night 1 - things may change!

2. Buggy Bubble - My Buggy Bubble arrived the other day and it came with a nice surprise. I had been waiting about 3 weeks for it, and finally, nicely, emailed the company to see how long the shipping would take. It turns out that my order did go through on PayPal but they had not received record of it. The company was very apologetic and said that it would be here in 2 or 3 days. When it arrived, I was surprised to find 2 of them. They had sent me an extra to make up for the wait and for me to pass on to a friend. Tara, is the lucky recipient! I have yet to try it on my infant carseat but am so far impressed with the company's customer service!

3. Sleeptrainer - We finally gave H his sleeptrainer clock this weekend for his birthday. He was so excited about the monkey clock and for the first day he kept it in the living room close by. Tonight it is in his room and he watched me set the alarm and the monkey's eyes closed. We talked about how the monkey was sleeping and that when his eyes were open it would be time for H to get up. He was very excited again and had to say "Night, night" to the clock many times! I like how the clock has both an analog and digital clock and how you can either set the alarm with sound or not. The only thing I am worried about is the loud ticking sound the analog clocks makes. Perhaps it will be soothing to H, but I think that I would find it quite annoying! We shall see how the first few nights go!

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