Monday, February 7, 2011

Looks Good - Baby Moon Pillow

So I am starting a new category today called Looks Good (but never tried). I keep seeing all of these new products on my websites, they look good, but I have not had a chance yet to try them. So I thought I would start this new category to showcase these products and some may hopefully catch your attention.

Today's "Looks Good" product is called the Baby Moon Pillow. It is a ring shaped pillow for you to use to support your baby's neck and head, but alleviate some of the pressure on the back of their heads from spending so much time on their backs. I know flat head was something that I was worried about with H, so I was constantly lying him at different ends of his crib and having him lie one night on one side of his head and vice versa.

The Baby Moon Pillow is not meant to be used in the crib or playpen when your little one is sleeping unattended, but it is meant for those times on the floor, or in their bouncy chair or their swing. Once your little one is about 6 months, it can open up and become a neck support for in their car seat or stroller.

They come in a variety of colours and sell for $28. Check out their website at

It is a neat idea and I may consider picking one up once our new little one arrives. Check them out and make the decision yourself.

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