Saturday, April 2, 2011

Canadian Favourites - Small Potatoes

I don't know about the rest of you, but my purse is a MESS! I must clean it every week, but nothing seems to help. It is filled with receipts, makeup, wallets and now diapers, wipes and snacks (as I am tired of carrying a diaper bag for just a few items). There is stuff everywhere and it is totally unorganized! After much frustration (and searching on the Internet) I have found a diaper clutch that will at least help with some of the clutter. I have spent a great deal of time searching for a Canadian company, that makes handmade diaper clutches that offers decent shipping rates and today I found it.

Small Potatoes is a Canadian company that is based out of Winnipeg. They make various items such as bibs, blankies, dresses, pants, hats, etc. Their items are made out of beautiful fabrics with modern designs that really catch your attention. Small Potatoes had the best shipping rates out of all of the Canadian companies that I have been looking at($2 for items under $25, $4.00 for items between $25 and $35, $6.00 for items $35 - $50 and so on).

Today I ordered from them the above diaper clutch in Tatsu Black (on sale for $15) and the very cool cotton hat (also above) for H in Guitar Hero ($24). I also did a bit of searching online and found a coupon code to use that gave me an extra 10% off of my order (email me if you would like the code).

I cannot wait to receive my stuff and will hopefully see a bit more organization in my purse!

Check out all of their great products at

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