Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddler Favourites - Mater's Tall Tales

The TV seems to be always on in our house but surprisingly H doesn't watch a lot of it. His attention span seems to be about 4-5 minutes and then he loses interest and is running around playing with something else. I have it on sometimes just for background noise... but there is one video that seems to be able to capture his attention for just a bit longer: Mater's Tall Tales.

Mater is Hs favourite Disney Cars character... and a couple times a week he asks to watch his Mater show. What we like about this video is that it consists of about 10 short clips that are about 5 minutes long. Each clip features Mater doing a different job (e.g., monster truck, doctor, stunt man, private investigator, etc.) H loves to talk about all of Mater's costumes and his favourite is Monster Truck Mater: The Tormentor.

Of course, Disney has profited on Mater's popularity by creating toy cars, t shirts, books and other items that coincide with Mater's Tall Tales.

You can check out some of the clips at youtube.com before purchasing the video to see if your little one is interested or not.

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