Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Favourite Updates - Buggy Bubble

I had posted awhile back about this contraption that I had found that protects your little one in their car seat from wind, sun, rain and bugs. What appealed to me most about it was that it had a hard frame so it bubbled away from the car seat instead of laying flat in front of their face. This gives more room for your little one who is lying inside to breath and move around.

Today I used mine at the zoo for P and I LOVED it!!!! The girls I was with were like, "Wow, that is so cool!" It kept the bugs off of her and when we were in the sun I pulled over the UV protective sun shield to protect her. I also enjoyed how it folds flat so it stored easily in the bottom of my stroller.

I feel that this product is a must if you intend to be outdoors a lot and want to keep the bugs and sun off of your infant. I see myself using it quite often for walks and especially during our trip up north this upcoming week.

Check out their site at www.buggybubble.com

**They are also Canadian, another plus**

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