Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looks Good - i like book

On Mamabargains today they had these books, the "i like book", that I thought were so cute! The idea is that you fill out the book everyday writing down one thing that you either like about your child or that he/she likes about the day. It is a great way to capture your child's year and something that they can look back and read and feel good about. It is written in a blank 12 month format and there are also places to add photos, draw pictures and personalize it for them.

From their website:
"These awesome little notebooks will become a treasured keepsake for your family and a wonderful item for your child to have forever. This is a super easy and quick way to write down the funny things that your little one says every day and the new things that they do that you like about them. This book gives you an opportunity to tell them every day something new that you like about them! Bedtime is the PERFECT time to use your i like book and connect with your sprout."

The books come in 7 different colours and also a couples edition as well. The sell for $19.95 on their website, but are on sale today only for $8.98 on www.mamabargains.com

Learn more about the books at www.theilikebook.com. I picked one up for each of my children as a Christmas gift and then we can start writing in it in January!

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