Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feeding Favourites - Baby Food

With H and now with P, I have 2 handy websites that I like to "refer" to when it comes to solid food.  I use the word refer lightly as I didn't follow either exactly but used them as a guideline as to what and how much my kids should be eating as babies.

The first one, which I am sure many of you have already heard of, is called Wholesome Baby Food.  I love this one as it was extremely helpful as a first time mom.  It gave guidelines as to when to start what foods (food charts), how to prepare them, sample day menus and great recipes.  I also like how it stresses that baby should drink their breastmilk/formula first, and then eat, as many moms focus more on the solid foods instead once their child reaches 6 months.  Breastmilk or formula are still the most important thing at this young of an age. (I have created links to each of these sections of their site for your easy reference.)

The second one is kind of dated, from Washtenaw Public Health, but I like the monthly guideline it gives you as to what and how much your little one should be eating.  Again, I didn't follow this to a T, but use both and kind of fall into the middle as to what and how much I am feeding P.

If feeding is a stress for you (as it is for many moms out there) check out these two websites that I find to be very helpful!

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