Monday, February 13, 2012

Favourite Crafts - Valentine Butterfly

H is at the age where he is really enjoying crafts, so I have now added a new category - Favourite Crafts.

Here is one that we did today for Valentine's Day - Valentine Butterfly.  I got the idea from Pinterest (my newest addiction) from a site called She Knows

It was very simple and I ended up just drawing my own butterfly template instead of printing off the one she suggested (Valentine Butterfly Template).  Now, we were only making 4 of them for the kids at daycare, so it wasn't that much work, but if you wanted to do this for a whole class then I would definitely use the template. 

I did the cutting and writing, while H did the stickers and the googly eyes.  (He even picked out the coordinating googly eyes to match each butterfly colour!)

All in all it was a fun craft and an easy and quick one too that held his attention!

Another one that we are going to do is a Paper Heart Person (another Valentine classic).

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