Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feeding Favourites - Gerber Tableware Set

When H was first born we got this gift, a Lil' Trainer Tableware Set, that I didn't think much of. But now that he is 3 and using a fork for all of his meals, I have changed my opinion as this plate sure has come in handy. 

The set comes with a fork and spoon and a plate that has a suction cup base and a removable rim.  The suction cup base never really worked for us but what I really love about the plate is the rim.  It is great for when we are eating things like pasta or rice as it makes it so much easier for H to scoop it onto his fork. 

The set comes in blue/green or pink/purple and sells at most stores like Shoppers and Walmart for under $10. 

If your little one is at this stage of eating, then I would recommend you pick one of these up!

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