Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Girl Favourites - Tinker Bell Glowing Lamp

B and H picked up this cute light for P at Home Depot a few weeks ago and now she is addicted to it.  As soon as we walk into her room she is looking on her shelf or in her bed for it and she won't go to sleep without it - it is an obsession.  How does an 8 month old already have such at attachment to an item?

Anyways, it was definitely worth the $15 that they spent on it!  It is a push down to turn on and off style and the only thing I really don't like about it is that there is no automatic shut off so I have to sneak back into her room to turn it off once she is asleep.

The one we have (above) came from Home Depot, but Toys R Us sells a very similar one (below).

I have a strong feeling that we are going to have a Tinkerbell fan in our household, so bring on the fairy stuff, I am ready (I think)!

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