Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looks Good - Retro Ice Bags

Remember those ice bags that our parents use to give us - well Gal Pal has brought them back in some cute designs that are very irresistable.  I know that we usually use a ziploc bag filled with ice wrapped in a tea towel, but these would probably be a much better idea (and reusable too!)

You can use them for cold therapy by filling it with a combination of ice and cold water to soothe tension headaches, bruises, swelling, migraines, hangovers and muscle aches. Or heat therapy by filling it with hot tap water to soothe sinus pain, migraines, upset stomach and joint pain.

They come in 9 designs (hearts, dinosaurs, happy faces, stars, etc.) and sell for only $12 on their site, Gal Pal.

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