Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Boy Favourites - Toothpaste Rex

H received this as a gift from my parents and at first I was a bit skeptical.  First off, I worried that it wouldn't fit his toothpaste and secondly that it was just another gimmick and something that I was going to have to throw away almost immediately.  I was wrong!

The SpreadHeads Toothpaste just twists onto the top of your toothpaste tube and it even has a stopper to close it up.  We have Toothpaste Rex and it really does make H want to brush his teeth more.  It even makes it easier for him to put his own toothpaste on and he loves that independence. 

SpreadHeads also comes in many other styles such as a dog, cat and fish.  They sell online at Black Lab Products for $4.99.  I am not sure where my mom found ours, but I know it was a store in Thunder Bay.

SpreadHeads also makes fun heads for ketchup, mustard and wine. 

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