Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toddler Favourites - Step 2 Push Buggy

There was somewhat of a break from the heat yesterday and we actually got out for a walk after dinner. We took H in his push buggy car which is one of his favourite methods of getting around lately. It is a car that he sits buckled into that has a long handle so that we can stand upright and push him around in. He absolutely loves his car - probably because he has more freedom and space to move around.

We picked this toy up from Kijiji for just $15 and it was one of our best finds yet! We have taken this car for walks around the waterfront, to visit family and even to an 80th birthday party last weekend where the older kids spent a lot of the time pushing H around for us! I have even seen one set of parents bring them to ToysRUs to push their kids around while they shopped instead of using a cart. It is a great alternative to a stroller and makes the whole concept of being strapped in a bit more fun.

But there are two cons to this toy: #1 it is very loud as the wheels are made out of hard plastic and #2 there was some sort of recall on them lately as the handles were coming detached from the car and I guess kids were getting away from their parents (not sure what parents couldn't run and catch them??) The pros outweigh the cons for us though! (I was just on the Step 2 website and they are still selling them brand new so some sort of change must have been made to compensate for this.)

This car is an absolute must and can be purchased brand new for about $69.99 but I would suggest looking online at Kijiji or another online shopper as I see them up there quite often.

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