Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just For Moms - Palm Bay Coolers

While lying in the tub with my book and a drink last night, I thought, hey - every mom needs this! An hour to ourselves to just escape into something other than our own lives (and what could make this even better than a cold cooler to help you relax?)

This summer my new fave coolers are Palm Bays. They come in 3 flavours: Pineapple Mandarin Orange, Ruby Grapefruit Sunrise and Strawberry Pineapple. The last flavour is a new one and definitely my least favourite of the three. While I soaked in the tub I tried to think about why these are my new favourite coolers and I came up with these three reasons:
1. They come in cans not bottles.
2. They come in a six pack not four.
3. They taste REALLY good.

So, when you have a few minutes to yourself and are looking for something yummy, I would definitely recommend picking one of these six packs up!

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