Monday, January 31, 2011

Bathtime Favourites - aacua towel

A friend of mine mentioned this towel to me after she saw it in a magazine. Both she and I LOVE our Babyswaddler towels (see my post on it in Bathtime Favourites), but are also equally interested in this one as well.

The aacua towel is a 4 in 1 towel. Like the Babyswaddler it ties around your neck like an apron so you have both hands free for baby. It keeps you dry and makes transferring your little one from the tub to the change table easy. It also converts to a swaddler to keep little one nice and warm after the bath. Lastly, it grows with your little one as it also converts into a toddler hooded towel. It is made out of 100% cotton terry cloth material and is machine washable. It comes in white with a variety of trim colours.

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