Monday, March 7, 2011

Favourite Toys - Magformers

We were at a birthday party yesterday and the kids were loving this toy that I had never seen before. Kids from ages 2 to 10 (and even some adults) were sitting around this small table totally focussed on building with these toys called Magformers. Basically, they are these somewhat translucent squares and triangles that magnetize together to make larger and more complex shapes. The little ones were stacking the shapes on top of one another and then pulling them apart while the older ones were building all kinds of things.

You can purchase these toys in basic sets of 14, 30, and 62 and you can visit their site at to check out other specialized sets and suggestions on what you can build with them.

I have been looking around and so far I have found them at Scholar's Choice and Chapters (best price).

You definitely need to check these out - I know my friends and I are running out to get our own sets this week!

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