Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Baby Wisp

I have seen these a couple of times on my websites and thought that they looked really neat. They would be perfect for those little girls who really don't have a lot of hair. My P has quite a bit of hair in the back - but not much in the front. What do they call that? Party in the back, business in the front? :)

I am thinking I may give these hair clips a try!

From their website:
Try these no-slip, unmovable baby hair clips that are designed to stay exactly where you put them. They comb into baby wisps and hang on to a single hair by latching down tight without disturbing little heads! Latch clips are an exclusive Baby Wisp innovation that makes the perfect size, weight, and genius engineering for little heads. UNMOVABLE means they don't slip around nor fall off. Topped with a mini bow, you can't get cuter than this. They can Clip onto a single hair!

Check out all of their hair accessories at

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