Monday, October 17, 2011

Other Favourites - Socks

OK, so I hate to admit it, but I am going to post about kids' socks. Both of my kids have worn a variety of socks and I must say my favourite ones are made by Old Navy and Children's Place.

Now you are probably thinking I am going to write about some funky patterned or coloured socks, but actually, my favourites are the very plain store brand ones. Both are made from a cotton/spandex mix so they stretch and STAY ON! The have a long cuff that can either be pulled up or folded over and they both have their logos on the bottom as grippers. They are nothing great to look at or brag about but I absolutely love how they stay on! Both H and P have a basket full of funky socks, but I continuously find myself reverting back to these ones.

I was on both Old Navy and Children's Place websites today and their socks are actually on sale this week, just $1 at O.N. and $2.50 at C.P.

Run out and get a few pairs soon to keep your little one's tootsies warm this fall!

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