Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Hello Kitty Momiji

While searching for a cool Cars 2 ornament for my little guy last week I saw the coolest things at Hallmark!

I have a very big weakness for anything Hello Kitty, so when I saw these little wooden dolls out of the corner of my eye I was instantly drawn in!

The dolls are a collaboration between Momiji and Hello Kitty. Momiji are message dolls and inside each one there's a teeny folded card for your own secret message, dream or wish. There are 6 in the collection.

So neat, I want to get one each year for P and write her a special message/wish that I have for her at that moment!

I think they are a great price - less than $15 each - and a great memento and keepsake.

Who knows, I may be running out and getting all of them to keep and gift each year! What about you?

Here is a link where you can see all six of the designs:

Hello Kitty/Momiji Dolls

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