Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bedtime Favourites - Sunset Dimmer

My little H loves to read books. Every night we read 2 books to him in bed and then he turns on his little flashlight and reads one more book to himself. It is so cute! So when I saw this product today on Kid Steals I knew that we had to have it.

The Sunset Dimmer is a device that you plug your light into and then it into the wall outlet. Over the next 30 minutes it dims the light until it is completely out. This is ideal for your little readers who love to curl up themselves at night to read a book.

Here is a list of its features (taken right from the Kid Steals website):
•gradual dimming helps soothe to sleep with a natural release of melatonin in the brain, no matter when bedtime is
•the light stays bright enough to read by for 20 minutes - a great companion to school reading programs that request 20 minutes of reading per day
•dimming goes unnoticed as the eyes adjust to the subtle light changes
•perfect nightlight for kids that are afraid of the dark
•works great for feeding or rocking baby in the middle of the night
•for adults too—read in bed and be soothed to sleep
•select from two simple buttons to choose preferred mode ◦nightlight: slowly dims to a low-lit light and remains on all night ◦off: slowly dims until light is completely off
•works with all standard lamps (does not work with touch lamps)
•for use with 75W max incandescent or halogen bulbs
•ETL compliant in the United States, not yet certified in Canada

This would also save me from creeping in after H is asleep and trying to first of all find his flashlight in his bed and then turning it off - all without waking him!

Today it is on sale for $9.95 on, and sells regularly for $19.95. Check out their website, Sunset Dimmers, for more information!

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