Monday, December 19, 2011

Bathtime Favourite - The Flipper Toothbrush Holder

Saw this neat contraption and after reading about it (they make a pretty convincing argument) I am thinking about picking up two for the kids.

It is a toothbrush holder that you suction to a mirror or tile that automatically opens and closes to hold your toothbrush.  It keeps it off of the sink and covers it from germs and other things that are floating in the air in your bathroom.  They come in a variety of kid and adult styles.

From their website:

"Why Flipper?

Most people store toothbrushes either in their bathroom cabinet or on a counter top.
Every time you flush, droplets of contaminated water spray into the air landing on bathroom surfaces and items on the counter top, such as toothbrushes.
Experts say that you should not let your toothbrush make contact with other toothbrushes. This is a quick and easy way of passing along the common cold and other diseases.

1.Flipper provides a great, secure storage solution away from harmful germs.The cap's side vents allow in just enough air flow for bristles to stay clean and dry.

2.Flippers are large enough to accommodate almost every type of toothbrush on the market including those with fat handles.

3.Its amazing suction-strength can even handle electric toothbrushes while staying gripped to a mirror, tile or most other smooth surfaces.

4.Unlike other toothbrush holders that are attached with permanent adhesive strips, the Flipper can be moved anywhere at any time.

5.Easily converts into a travel case to keep brushes safe from other toiletries and keeps your toothbrush away from harmful germs and dirt while traveling."


You can find Flipper in many stores in Canada, I found it online at What A Jewel and The Pumpkin Patch.  They sell for about $7 plus shipping.

If you are a germaphob, then I think that this is definitely the thing for you!

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