Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking For - Toothpaste, Sunscreen, Flip Flops, Sippy Cups

Heather put out an all call on the Mommies Favourites Facebook page looking for some suggestions and I was hoping that you all could help!

"Hi! I'm having a shopping crisis for my boys so thought I'd ask this group of experts. I need: a drinking cup that won't leak or spill, no matter if it falls, etc.; boy's flip flops that you can run in, once their feet are too big for the styles with the ankle strap; healthy toothpaste; sun block recommendations. Help!"

Please comment below with any of your suggestions and I will make sure to pass them on to her!


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  1. We use Badger Sunscreen. The best form of sunscreen is high percentage of zinc oxide and those that avoid coating of the zinc oxide, known as non - nano.


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