Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Favourites - Outdoor Research Kids' Hats

At one of the outdoor stores in Thunder Bay I purchased H a sun hat that we really like made by Outdoor Research it is called a Boys' Solstice Bucket Hat. I had gone in to get one of those Kid Banz ones, but the sales lady convinced me to get this one and I am happy that we did. It is made out of a 30+ UPF fabric that is thinner so it dries quickly if it gets wet and it has a moisture wicking headband that helps keep your little one cooler as well. It comes in two colour combinations: red and grey or blue and grey (the girls colours are cute too!) and it costs about $24. One thing that I was worried about is that it does not come with a chin strap but is has attachments so that you can add one. This hasn't been a problem so far as H hasn't tried to take it off - so it must be comfy.

I checked out their website at and they have a ton of cool outdoor clothing for all ages. I really like some of their other hats for kids as well.

I got mine in Thunder Bay at Take a Hike, but I also see that you can purchase them from Sojourn here in Barrie. If you go online you can find out if a store near you sells their products or you can buy their products online as well.

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