Friday, September 3, 2010

Favourite Books - Ten in the Meadow and Bathellow's Wing

Allyson shares some of her favourite books:

"Ten in the Meadow (John Butler, Scholastic) This is an adorable story with even cuter pictures. Both my kids love looking for the mouse on each page who goes 'missing' at the end. Love love love this one!

Barthello's Wing - A Tale of a Very Brave Bug (Janie DeVos, Scholastic) - can you tell I'm a scholastic junkie?? This is a great story as well and was actually a nice segway into a simple discussion about differences with P. We have a friend with a daughter who has special needs and this helped him understand difference. P actually cried one of the first times we read it, but it is a happy ending. Also a good tool to show that everything isn't always happy and perfect like many books portray."

Those sound like great books, Al, I will have to look for them the next time I am at the bookstore. Thanks again for sharing more of your faves!

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