Thursday, September 16, 2010

Other Favourites - Picky Sticky

I just saw the neatest thing on one of my baby discount websites and I wish I would have known about it earlier - Monthly Stickers by Picky Sticky.

These are large stickers that you can stick to a onesie or T-Shirt and then take a picture of your child to document their age. They come in a variety of boy or girl colours and designs and after you have taken your picture they say that there is still enough stick left to them that you can use the stickers in your scrapbook. What a unique way to document your child's growth!

They also have a Pregnancy line of stickers for the mom-to-be to capture her growing belly and a Milestones line to remember your baby's firsts. The stickers are not washable, so you need to take them off of your clothing once you are finished taking your picture.

Today they are on discount for $8.98 on and are also on sale on their website for $14.99 (regularly $17.95).

You can check out their product at

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