Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other Favourites - Handmade Bows, Clips and Hats

Over the past little bit, two small businesses have been sent to me with handmade accessories. Now, I know little about this stuff with having a boy at home, but I have spent some time perusing both pages and their stuff is sooo cute.

1. Charlotte Monkey Creations - is a local company nearby in Tottenham. They sell items like custom T-shirts, bows, clips, headbands, beanies, tutus etc. On their page you can view numerous photos of available items or they also custom tailor to your needs. Shipping is free in North America and the pricing seems pretty reasonable. Their pricing can be found under the Discussions tab. I even found a cute tractor applique that I would love for H!

2. Melissa's Ribbon Bowtique - I think this is an American business and they specialize in bows and crochet hats. This company does a lot of seasonal items and right now they have a bunch of Halloween themed clips advertised. They also offer a few boy items and I have my eye on a cute blue and brown crochet hat for H. Their prices are usually added as a caption on their photos. As for shipping, you would have to contact the person on your own to establish what their policies are.

If you like unique handmade items for your little one, check out these two small businesses and what they have to offer!

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