Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Favourite - Puddle Jumpers

As we were talking about closing the pool for the year today, I came across my friend's Puddle Jumpers for her kids and it made me think that these should be a summer favourite. I know that summer is almost over, but perhaps they will go on sale for the end of the season so I thought you might want to hear about them now.

A Puddle Jumper is a floatation device that goes in front of the child and over their arms like water wings. The idea is that the front part will help keep your child's head out of the water. They are for a child within 30-50 lbs and come in a variety of cool colours and prints.

Our friends just love theirs and it gives their children a lot of confidence in the water. I have not picked one up for H yet as he was not ready this year to swim on his own, but I will be watching the flyers the next few weeks to see if they are on sale. They can be purchased from Canadian Tire for $29.99.

Why not stock up early for next summer? Wishful thinking!

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  1. We love our puddle jumpers. The kids have free range of motion of their arms and are not forced to be on their backs like most life preservers.



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