Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking For - Cord Blood

Hello Mommies!

I have a friend who will be expecting her second in just a few short weeks and she considering the whole cord blood thing? So I thought I would throw it out there, what are your thoughts on this topic and what did you do and why?

This is an interesting topic, which also interests me with my second due in just four months.

Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Jill shares:
    We used Cells for Life for both of kiddies. We used it mainly as insurance for the future to hopefully protect them from getting or suffering from the many diesases out there but mainly from MS as they are at a much higher risk then most of having it since I have it. RVH was also quite familiar with Cells for Life and it was very easy to do from our part. Hope this helps!

  2. Allyson shares:
    We used inception for both Parker and Abby. Same reasons as Jill. Someone said to me they weren't going to do it because at the time only 7 diseases could be treated with the blood/cells. That was enough incentive for us! If we never have to to use it - perfect. It's worth a little piece of mind. A very easy process and the hospitals know exactly what to do. Also, as research continues they may find more uses for this blood in the coming years.


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