Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Other Favourite - Camilia Teething Relief

Jaana shares:

"My favourite medicine for teething pain is Camilia. It is homeopathic and it comes as a box of 30 drinkable 1 ml unit-doses. I love, love, love this stuff as it has really worked for J and it is so handy and easy to use. he willingly opens his mouth to drink it. You can find it at Wal-Mart, Zehr's, Superstore, Amazon, etc."

Camilia is made by a company by Boiron and after some web searching all say that it is perfectly safe and recommended by many doctors.

Thanks Jaana, I have never heard of the stuff, but have been going through some awful teething with H so I will definitely give it a try.


  1. I totally agree! This stuff has been great for my little one. They also have one for cold type symptoms. I always make sure I have some of each on hand.

  2. Kristy I just picked up the cold one too for H! Hopefully it works wonders! :)

  3. Camilia Teething - Camilia Teething liquid is a fast-acting gentle and effective homeopathic remedy which eases babies discomfort as their pearly whites emerge.


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