Friday, June 24, 2011

First Year Favourites - Newborn Diapers

Now that I am back in newborn mode I decided to try out the top two brands of newborn diapers - Pampers and Huggies. With H I only used the Pampers Swaddlers, but with the issues I had with their DryMax diapers I was hesitant to use these, but I had a pack of both left over.

I must say that I prefer the Huggies diapers. What I like about them the most is the cut out they have for the umbilical cord. With the Pampers you have to fold down the top to keep it away from the cord. Both also have that yellow line that turns blue when the diaper is wet - love that (and didn't know about it until this pregnancy!) I have also heard that Huggies are good for girls as they are unscented.

If you are trying to decide between which brand to use for your newborn, I would definitely suggest Huggies instead of Pampers.

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