Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pregnancy Favourites - BOLA Musical Pregnancy Pendant

I wish that I would have seen these earlier - it would have been something neat for myself and a great gift for my currently pregnant friends. The BOLA Musical Pregnancy Pendant is a necklace worn by expectant moms that rests low on the belly and makes a soft chime as you walk. Baby is able to hear the chime at about 20 weeks and it is said that it will help relax baby both before and after birth. Some moms say they are also great for nursing as it keeps the baby occupied.

The pendants come in a variety of designs and they hang on a 60' unbreakable cord that is adjustable. They are also made in Canada by a company called Baby's Best Designs. They sell for about $35.99 depending on which site you are on.

These pendants are available on many online sites but you can start to check them out on their company's site at

Baby's Best Designs also sells items like Baby Legs, Peppa Bonding Dolls, and Teething Bling

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