Saturday, June 11, 2011

Other Favourites - Little Monkey Doodles

Awhile back I mentioned a door sign that I had purchased for Hs room off of Etsy - Little Monkey Doodles. I just realized now that I had not written an update on how I felt about the final product.

I LOVE IT! More than I even expected! It is exactly the way I imagined it. We had the first car done in red with the number 22 (to match his red race car bed and his birthday) and then we had the second car done in blue with the number 17 (blue just because I liked it and 17 because that is my section date for the new baby this month).

I cannot wait to see what baby #2 is so that I can order another one for his/her room!

Little Monkey Doodles is a Canadian company down here in Southern Ontario! I love to support local artists/companies and am so happy with everything.

For $12 it was a great purchase and one that I highly recommend to all!

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  1. So glad that you and Hudson like the race car sign! Thank you again for your order it was a pleasure working with you :0)


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