Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Favourites - Rash Guards

I don't know about you, but we are outside all day now that the warmer weather is here - and for those days when you are in and out of the water and need to dry off quickly I just love rash guards for my little guy!

They are light and dry quickly and also help protect him from the sun. I have found two sites that sell rash guards that state that they are UPF 50+. I especially like the SwimZip ones as they have a front zipper that makes putting them on and taking them off much easier. So far, this is the only company that I have been able to find that sells them with the zipper.

I have not yet purchased any from either site, but I have used ones last year from Old Navy and Bonnie Togs. Just make sure that they are UPF and not just a t-shirt.

Check out the rash guards at the following four stores:

BabyBands -

SwimZip -

iPlay -

Old Navy -

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