Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Etsy Favourites - Kids Stuff

OK, my next group of favourites are kids items. Here are just a few that I like to check out often:

1. Super Sock Monkeys
This company makes a variety of stuffed animals out of socks. They have the cutest characters (not just monkeys) and I love the bright colours they use. They are also super reasonable ranging from about $12-$20. They also make buttonless ones for babies under 3, or they will change the eyes on any of the ones with buttons if you prefer one of those.

2. SnuggyBaby
Love, love, love the wetbags they make!!! They also sell a variety of slings.

3. Zoey's Attic
They specialize in custom made(personalized) t-shirts like Big Brother, Big Sister, Holiday or Birthday. Very cute!!! The picture of the elf shirt is one of theirs.

4. Baby Smiles
They make monthly photo onesie stickers and labels and more! Cute colours and designs - one of the nicest of their kind that I have seen. I especially like their holiday ones - Baby's First Christmas, etc.

Whew - what are your etsy finds for kids?

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