Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looks Good - Lula Clips

Awhile back I had written about BosoBuddies which are these neat button/elastic contraptions that hold back the straps in your infant car seats to make it easier to put your child in or take them out.

I just LOVE my BosoBuddies and am so happy with them, but I purchased mine from one of the discount sites and was disappointed to learn that you cannot purchase them from the actual company as they do not ship to Canada.

Today I found the same sort of thing from a company here in Canada - Lula Clips. What I really like about these is that they would work with regular toddler car seats too, unlike my BosoBuddies, which are only made for the infant car seats.

These pin (safely) onto your carseat and then the metal buckle on the strap sticks to the magnet in the Lula Clip. The only downfall I see with this product is that it only comes in bright orange - no pretty coordinating colours.

They sell online for $14.99 and shipping only costs $2.99!!

You can learn more about Lula Clips at

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