Thursday, November 10, 2011

Etsy Favourites - Seasonal/Gift Items

The snow is a coming and with that comes...... Christmas! I have been spending my evenings searching etsy for the perfect set of stockings, and I think I found them from Meringue Designs. While doing this I have also found a few other neat seasonal/gift shops, check them out below:

1. Meringue Designs
This woman makes the most beautiful stockings!! My taste is a little more modern so I am just in love with her patchwork stockings. I am going to order a red one for me, a green one for Bruce, blue for Hudson and pink for Peyton (just like the ones pictured above). Unfortunately, she is so busy that she cannot make any more of these particular ones this year, so I will have to wait until spring to place my order, but she is still offering other styles for this Christmas. She also sells embroidered pillows, signs, and patterns.

2. MonaLeisa
I love the stockings this woman makes as well - kinda the same idea. They were a close second to Meringue Designs. Hers are the red and green stockings pictured above.

3. Monksey See Boutique
I found this shop also when looking for stockings, but was pleasantly surprised by all of the other neat things that she makes. Monogramming is big right now and I really like all of the great products she offers that can be personalized. Things like platter, bags, coffee cups, clothing, scarves - you name it! She has items for every holiday and just because. The green Christmas platter above is just one of her great creations! Looking for something different to give that person who has everything, then definitely check out Monkey See Boutique.

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