Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Boy Favourites - Hockey Sockey

Looking for something to get your little guy that is different?
Hockey Sockey is a company that makes winter hats out of actual hockey socks.

The HOCKEY SOCKEY is a toque made from an actual hockey sock. It is reversible and is fleece lined for extra warmth. Each hat has the primary logo on one side and the secondary one on the inside. They come in a variety of team colours. (See above picture with two hats)

The HOCKEY FLOPPY is very similar it is just rounded at the end and does not have the two legs like the HOCKEY SOCKEY. It is not reversible and only features the team's primary logo. (See above picture with one hat)

Both sell for $27.99. Hockey Sockey now also sells scarves and mitts to match.

You can check out their items at (their hats are also sold in many stores around Canada and you can check exactly where on their website as well).

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