Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Girl Favourites - Wrapeaze

Well, with the cold comes the dreaded snowsuit struggle. Just the other day I ordered a Wrapeaze for P to help with this. When we are just going somewhere quick in the car I plan to use this instead of trying to put a jacket on her.

The Wrapeaze is a loose fitting poncho, made of 100% polyester lightweight fleece and has a simple velcro closure. It comes in sizes:
• Xtra Small: 12" (0-24months)
• Small: 17" (2-6yrs)
• Medium: 23" (Tween)
• Large: 27" (Adult)

It costs between $35-37, but is often on for half price on one the baby discount sites.

They come in a variety of colours and patterns and seems like the perfect solution to keeping your little one warm and cozy (plus it is quick and easy). The smallest size also comes with a cute little hood with ears!

Check them out or orders yours today at www.wrapeaze.com

**It is also highly recommended that you don't put your children in their car seats with big heavy jackets as it comprimises their safety**

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