Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter Favourites - Christmas Traditions

Since my son is only 2 and my daughter 5 months, and since we usually travel on Christmas to see our families we don't really have any Christmas traditions yet. When talking with a few friends, they mentioned some really neat things that they do every year and I think we are going to "steal" a few of them to make them our own starting this year. Here are a few that I have heard of:

1. Christmas PJs - a few of my girlfriends do this and I think it is a great idea. They let their children open one present Christmas Eve and it is new (and washed) pjs for them to wear that night so they have something nice and new to wear Christmas Day. Love it and I have already bought pairs for my little guys!!!

2. Christmas Books - my sister-in-law does this and I think it is another great idea worth stealing!! She wraps up 7 books and starting a week before Christmas she lets her daughter open one book a night to read. Then she gets to see just how many days, through the number of books left, until Santa comes.

3. Elf on a Shelf - I wrote about this last year as Christine had shared it with us.

My mother-in-law has purchased us an elf for this year and is therefore another thing that we are going to be doing annually!

4. Advent Calendar - this is something that I always did as a kid. This year, my mother-in-law has quilted our kids an advent calendar with little pockets to use. I cannot wait until Dec 1st to begin!

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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