Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bedtime Favourites - Bebe Bella Designs

H loves his blankies, especially those minky ones with the little raised dots. I found this company, Bebe Bella Designs (again through my discount websites) that makes a variety of blankets in different sizes (baby, toddler, and adult), plus other neat accessories for your little one (hats, slippers, clothing, pillowcases, etc.).

Today I purchased H a pillowcase for his new big boy bed that is made out of that same material. Originally I thought the price was a bit steep $30 and that I could make one myself for less, but then I saw this note on their website that until January 31st they are having a sale of 62% off on their Minky Chenille Baby Blankets (reg. $50 on for $19) and their Standard Pillowcases. So, with that I ended up getting the pillowcase for just $11.40 - WOW! The shipping was only $7.50, so my entire order came to less than $19 - super savings!

Check out Bebe Bella's great products at

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