Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Other Favourites - Pippalily Sling

A long time ago Maureen sent me another one of her faves and I forgot to post it (sorry Maureen). It is her Pippalily Sling and she says it is awesome. I have tried a few slings and carriers, but was never a fan, but many moms out there cannot live without their slings.

When I went to The One of a Kind show this December, I saw this product there and remembered hearing a lot about it, not just from Maureen.

Tonight I visited their website and was very impressed. Number 1 they are a Canadian company. Also, not only do they sell slings, but diaper clutches, adorable mink blankets (Hs favourite type), nursing covers, swaddlers and straps to hold losable items like Sophie, snack cups and sippy cups. I loved the fabrics and I found the prices to be somewhat reasonable. The one thing that really caught my eye were the Gift Sets - for just $75 you can get a diaper clutch (that holds 4 diapers, travel wipes and your bank card and a lip gloss), a mink blanket and a strap - all in coordinating fabrics.

I find right now, carrying around a diaper bag is pretty useless when all I really need is a couple of diapers and some wipes just in case - so I would LOVE the diaper clutch. I think that I am going to wait for baby #2 (see if it is a boy or girl) and then purchase one of these sets for myself. Even though I am not interested in the actual sling, thank you Maureen for introducing me to the company!

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