Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeding Favourites - Mally Bibs

Andrea shares another fave of hers - Mally Bibs. Another mom, Steph, also sent me this product last year, but I thought I would post Andrea's comments as well. It must be a good one...

"We have just started feeding J solid foods and I bought this terrific leather bib at the One of A Kind Craft Show in Toronto last Spring. It is leather so after each meal you just give it a wipe or a rinse and it is ready to go for the next meal. It also attaches with a magnet so it goes on and off very quickly. I also like the magnet because it sticks to the side of my fridge so I always know where the bib is. They are a little expensive but I think worth the cost. I have used mine every day for the last month."

Check out their products at

Thanks Andrea, I also saw these at The One of a Kind Show and was tempted to purchase one for the new bambino. Will have to wait and see what I have - boy or girl!

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