Monday, January 17, 2011

Other Favourites - Coryzalia for Kids

Andrea shares another new favourite of hers...

"J just experienced his first cold. He wasn't too affected by it but was really congested at night. I picked up this herbal product called Coryzalia for Kids at the grocery store pharmacy. It comes individually packaged doses which you just squeeze into your child's mouth. They must swallow the medicine. I don't think it is effective if you add it to a liquid or food. However, there is no taste so J had no issue taking it. It worked great. We did the recommended 3 doses for 2 days and then only 1 dose at bedtime on the third day and he was feeling fine the following day. This company also has a teething herbal medication which my sister-in-law highly recommends. We haven't dealt with teeth yet so I cannot say if that product is good or not."

Thanks Andrea! I have also used the teething medicine after another mom recommended it a few months back. I will try this one out the next time H has a cold (hopefully later than sooner!)

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